The porch always delivers


On the first day that we went to see the Shire – we met the previous owner who had built the place 35 years earlier.  He was at the property to mow the lawn and was taking a break with a cup of coffee on the porch when we arrived.  I could tell that he was really enjoying his last days on the porch – and he was really enjoying his coffee.  I sat and talked to him about the land, the cabin, why he was selling, what activities they did there over the years and about how much he clearly loved the place.  After chatting for a while, we both just sat in silence and took in the view.  I said to him, “I don’t want to leave.”  He said, “Then don’t.”

He was so right.  It really was that simple.  We bought the place. Since then I have really learned to love that porch.

We sit out there in the morning and watch the sunrise and we sit there in the evening and watch the sun set.  We hang out there and watch the cloud formations over the land.  We watch storms coming and going.  We have seen rainbows, full moons, haze from far away forest fires, and formations of geese and herons migrating south – and then returning in the spring.

You can sit out there and listen to the symphony of birds and other animals.  There are the woodpeckers – the chickadees – the geese.  Particularly in the winter months, you just have to listen for a little while and you hear an owl hooting in the woods.  Most evenings you can also listen to the “conversation” between the wild coyotes and the local farm dogs.

The mating rituals are also loud in the animal kingdom.  In the spring we kept hearing one sound that we couldn’t figure out – and then finally we determined that it was wood frogs. The sound came with a vengeance as they sang out their mating calls and then almost as fast as the sound had come – it died off into the silence over the summer months.

The porch always delivers.  One day I was sitting out on the porch reading a magazine and a hummingbird came to one of our feeders but then it hovered toward me and stopped right in front of my face.  It was taking me in and I was taking it in.  It was a fantastic moment that I will never forget.  Another time a small blue nuthatch bird was on the porch jumping around and also came close up to me. It seemed to be as curious about me as I was about it.

I love that porch. The world seems to be at peace when I am on that porch.  Even my coffee tastes better on that porch.  I don’t want to leave when I am on that porch.



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  1. Sounds pretty much perfect!

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