Photographic Celebration of the Seasons

As I went for a walk down my driveway it struck me how different the scenery was from even a week earlier. The constant change that the seasons bring is something to be celebrated. Nothing is ever dull when you live in a region that has all of the four seasons. Well in Calgary they say there are only two – winter and construction. Out in the country there are definitely all four – winter, spring, summer and fall. It is my birthday month and we are celebrating at the cabin.  It makes me reflect on the past year since my last birthday which we also celebrated at the cabin.  A year of four seasons – a celebration of the seasons.

Winter is definitely a long season. There is usually a blanket of snow on the fields and that means snuggling on the couch with a warm blanket in front of the fire. There is ice skating on the pond, the owls turn white, the frost hangs on the branches and the board games come out of the closet. The walks are lovely and crisp. The world is almost black & white but if you look for the colour it is still there – usually in the sky.




Spring comes in either like a lamb or a lion – and usually in spits and spurts. The snow melts and then returns, melts and then returns… but slowly the buds appear on the trees, and the baby geese and ducks can be seen on local ponds and creeks with their nervous parents carefully watching over them. The robins come back. The trees blossom. The grass turns green and the colour that was missing in the world comes back in all its glory.




Summer is the growing season. The ducklings become ducks, the crops grow in the fields, the grass grows and has to be mowed and then the grass grows some more…the crochet set comes out of the closet.  It is a time of flying kites, throwing footballs, fishing at the local pond, walking in the deep grass, and swatting mosquitoes.




Fall is my favourite season (maybe because my birthday is in the fall) but it tends to be too short. In Alberta it tends to be just a pause between summer and winter – but what a glorious pause it is. It is like nature taunts you with all the possible colours just before they are stripped away in the winter. The evenings are shorter now and there is the occasional evening by the fire. The fields are a hub of activity as the harvest season takes shape.





The seasons all provide wonderment and are worthy of celebration as we blow the candles out on another year.


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  1. Wendy Hawkins

    This might be my favourite post so far!! AWESOME!!!

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