Happy Halloween – Trick or treat of nature?

We love Halloween.  All things spooky.  We love the fog machines and the costumes that you can buy in the big box stores.  We love the plastic bats and fabric ghosts billowing in the wind that people use to decorate their houses in an attempt to provide a spooky thrill to little children.  We love the eeriness of Halloween.  We love the spine chilling thrills of Halloween.  We love the whole idea of Halloween.


We were pleasantly surprised how the country has its own Halloween.   It comes with the first chilly winds blowing in from the north.  It comes as the last leaves fall from the trees.  It comes in the night and stays through the early hours of the morning. It comes without the need for any big box stores. It is a spooky treat provided by nature if you are brave enough to be open to its delights.

Nature’s Halloween is in the fog that greets you in the early morning… providing an eerie landscape with distant ghost like trees.


It is in the pure black darkness of the night where the light of a flashlight only serves to emphasize the absolute absence of light.  Only the brave will wander about in this spooky place!


Halloween is in the transformational frost on the grasses and flowers creating a mystical world that vanishes in the morning light.


It is in the moon reflecting on the dark pond creating a spooky tableau… with owls hooting and screeching in the distance.


Halloween is also in the frost lighting up the spider webs that had sat secretly out of sight overhead during the daylight. Who dare walk amongst the spider webs??


It is in the dark night creatures who roam the world of darkness. The only thing that gives them away to unsuspecting mice are the bright green eyes that glint in the moonlight.


And nature’s Halloween is in the bat caught by the morning light before hiding away from sight – like a vampire who didn’t make it back to the coffin before daybreak.


Halloween comes to the country whether you want it or not!!!

Only thee who is brave enough to walk in the world of Halloween shall survive!




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2 responses to “Happy Halloween – Trick or treat of nature?

  1. Some lovely photographs here – particularly the frosty and misty ones!

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  2. Biff

    Cool Vampire bat!

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