Winter is a Mindset


At first there is such excitement about winter coming.  The excitement of the first soft snowflakes are like magic.  Dreams of snow covered fields and sparkly snow covered trees.  Memories from childhood of playing in that first snow…  Ah yes, winter is coming.


And then it comes.  Winter can be an evil snow queen. She has the full force of snow blizzards that close down the highways or cause such slick driving conditions that cars slide into the ditch.  The snow covers everything so that you not distinguish the driveway from the lawn.  You dig your path from the driveway to the door but the snow queen hides ice under the snow and waits to cause the unsuspecting passersby to fall on their buttocks – bruising their tailbones.  She laughs.


Everything is a little but more difficult in the winter.  You need to wear layers and layers of clothing and big heavy warm boots even just to go for a short walk.  If you decide to drive into town then you need to scrape the snow and ice off the car before you can go anywhere.  The windows frost up and you need to drive with the loud burr of the defrost fan so that you can see out your windshield and avoid being one of the cars that slides into the ditch. Winter can be a bitch.

Just as you have started to dread yet another day of her winter…you wake up on a beautiful frosty morning and see that there really is some magic to winter.  Winter can also be a snow goddess.


If you are of the right mindset then you can see all that she does as being quite sublime.  The way she makes the frost and ice cling to each branch of the trees accentuating their beauty.   How while there is not much colour left in the world all the variations of white form an exquisite palate.  White, silver white, bluish white, grey white, ivory white…


You get to wear mittens.  You get to go tobogganing, build snow forts and go ice skating.  The dogs frolic in the newly fallen snow, nuzzling their noses in the snow and then snorting it out while their tails wag delightfully.  You get to drink hot chocolate or warm coffee in a mug and wrap your cold fingers around it for warmth.  You can make smoke come out of your mouth like a fire breathing dragon.  You might be lucky enough to see a huge snowy white owl perched on a post, or a white rabbit bounding through the snow leaving small animal paths in their wake.


Winter is coming.  Winter is a mindset.


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  1. Ha, good post! It is a balance. Living where we do, it’s best to embrace the positives and endure the tougher parts. I lived for many years through wet, grey and rainy winters, so I have to admit to loving Albertan winters, at least in our little corner of Alberta!


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