The Calm of Isolation

DSC_0622Somedays it can actually be quite calming to have moments of serene isolation.  There is a quiet that comes with true isolation.  You can hear your own thoughts without distraction.

Our cabin is a place of isolation.  Most of the time.  It is funny that you can drive an hour and a half out of the city and buy 80 acres of land and still deal with neighbour dogs pooping on your front lawn.  sigh.

This last month after having the cabin for over a year – we discovered that the old antenna can be hooked up to the TV and now we can watch digital HD TV channels that are available over the airwaves.  This has had a huge impact on the isolation of the cabin when we can now watch the morning news and keep up with the same lousy television shows we have at home.  We don’t require total isolation from society (after all installing satellite internet was a critical upgrade we made) – but alas at some point we need to disconnect from it all and go back to the serenity of isolation.  At least turn off the TV and forget about the dog poop.



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