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The little pleasures in life

IMG_8039This February in Alberta has been unseasonably warm – relative to some of the very cold Februarys we have experienced in the past.  It has been nice to get out and go for walks along the country roads.  North of Calgary there is still a blanket of snow that covers the fields.  Some days the sky and the ground are both the same hue of greyish white.  It can be a little dreary when the sky isn’t blue but there is also a nostalgia in only seeing in black and white.  It is like living in a 50s TV show or a film noir.

On this particular day it was just around the freezing level so there was no need for the extensive bundling that usually comes with an Alberta winter.  I went out for a walk along the country roads.  I could hear the scrunching of snow under foot with each step.  The sound of woodpeckers and the occasional magpie could be heard in the woods as I walked past them.  I could hear my own breathing increase as I headed up a hill.  As I came around a corner and a pleasant decent down from a hill, I met up with the neighbour farm dogs.  They were as happy to see me as I was to see them.  We walked along the road together for a couple of kilometres.  They would dart ahead to take in all the smells that were undetectable to me.  Then they would suddenly fall behind me only to catch up by rubbing their warm snouts in my hands as they ran back ahead.

A simple pleasure.  Enjoy each day.  Enjoy each moment.



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A mystery is solved

porcupine photoThis past weekend after a hike down along the creek my friends and family found some interesting animal scats.  What could it be? They were small smooth bullet sized pellets.  After a few google searches of animal scats the hypothesis was that it was porcupine scat.  Hmmmm…. we have not seen a porcupine yet.  So back down to the creek they went and this time returned to the cabin with some actual quills that they had found near what used to be a beaver home.  The hypothesis seemed to be correct.  They set up the camera for the night and lo and behold…the mystery was solved – it is at least one porcupine living by our pond!

It never ceases to amaze me how the land here keeps delivering mysteries to us that result in more appreciation for nature.  This past weekend we discovered our porcupine, saw a new bird species that we haven’t seen here before, and had two neighbour horses come running through our field in front of our cabin.  Fantastic.

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