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Hopeful Optimism

Thanks to a comment from a wonderful blogger (named @bluestempond) –  I have set up my garden as a raised bed garden using straw.  The garden is based on the instructions in which is a wonderful site that is really worth checking out.

Last year my garden grew…it just didn’t really produce many vegetables.  This year I have tried this new approach and I have also bought a timer to put on the hose to ensure that the garden is watered when I am not out at the cabin.

I have put in a couple of half days digging, mixing top soil with compost and spreading out straw but the garden is ready to go now.


Here in Alberta the growing season is short and so most vegetables can’t be planted until after the threat of frost is behind us.  Usually that is after the May long weekend though this year we are having a very early warm Spring.   I have started to plant some “cold weather” crops like Spinach, and I have planted some seedlings indoors.  I will buy some plants (tomatoes and peppers) from local garden centres to give them a fighting chance.

Next project is a compost box!



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