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Dance of the sun and the moon

IMG_4359 copy

Watched the show from a hayfield

Every weekend nature delivers some sort of interesting gift…maybe a deer or a new bird sighting, or a beautiful sunset or a crazy windstorm. This weekend mother nature really set the bar high! We sat out in lawn chairs at the edge of a hayfield and watched the partial eclipse (about 80%).  While we waited for the show to start we watched the butterflies in the tall grasses darting about in the light breeze.  In the distance we could hear the occasional cow and farm equipment.

IMG_3358 copy

Self portrait with rad glasses

The show was spectacular.  Cosmic.  Stunning.  Beautiful.  Nature delivered a stunning performance – the dance of the sun and the moon.  Earth stood by with us – like wallflowers watching the dance (with butterflies).



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Travel back in time


Imagine the cow, horse and chickens

On the way home from a difficult trip to visit my 89 year old father in the hospital, my son and I stopped on the side of the highway to appreciate these old buildings.  The wind was blowing and my hair swept across my face.  I imagined a couple living in this little house with their young children.  Mom would have stood where I stood – wind blowing her hair across her face.  She would have been out to collect the eggs from the chickens and to the milk the cow.  Had a coyote taken another chicken?

She couldn’t look for the chicken right now as the cow needed to be milked.  Two times a day she milked the cow.  It made it hard for her to ever go into town with her husband. The children weren’t old enough yet.

In the barn she maternally strokes the cow and then sits on her small stool and methodically collects the milk into a metal bucket.   Innately she appreciated the gift that the cow provided her and her family, but the drudgery of the milking and the cleaning of the straw was wearing her down.



The house is charming and small.  Today it is instagram worthy and quaint but it must have been “home” back in its day.  The fire would have warmed the house on those very cold bitter winter nights.  Smoke billowing up the small brick chimney.  Beds, a table and chairs and shelves covered with jars full of canned preserves to help get the family through the winter would have filled the space.

My son and I shared a few moments enjoying the history of this site.  We have driven by so many times but it is a different experience to get up close and personal with it.  We quietly took it all in.  I cleared the hair from my face and we headed back up to our car.  It was nice to travel back in time but I am happy to return home to my present time.

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Hopeful Optimism

Thanks to a comment from a wonderful blogger (named @bluestempond) –  I have set up my garden as a raised bed garden using straw.  The garden is based on the instructions in which is a wonderful site that is really worth checking out.

Last year my garden grew…it just didn’t really produce many vegetables.  This year I have tried this new approach and I have also bought a timer to put on the hose to ensure that the garden is watered when I am not out at the cabin.

I have put in a couple of half days digging, mixing top soil with compost and spreading out straw but the garden is ready to go now.


Here in Alberta the growing season is short and so most vegetables can’t be planted until after the threat of frost is behind us.  Usually that is after the May long weekend though this year we are having a very early warm Spring.   I have started to plant some “cold weather” crops like Spinach, and I have planted some seedlings indoors.  I will buy some plants (tomatoes and peppers) from local garden centres to give them a fighting chance.

Next project is a compost box!


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